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Trespasser - Bedside Manner Cassette

Image of Trespasser - Bedside Manner Cassette


Trespasser is a band with no borders. Where we are listening we don't need ears because you can feel their energy in your entire body.

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Side A
1. Big Collapse
2. My Blue Veins
3. Punch Butterfuck
4. Andy Gets A Smart Phone

Side B
1. Two Pillows
2. Dog Vape
4. Bedside Manner

Limited to 50 Cassettes

All music by Trespasser

Gio Coviello - Vocals / Drums (2,5,6,7) / Guitar (2)
Joey Gonzalez - Drums (1,3,4,8) / Vocals (6,7) / Guitar (6)
Nate Waldraff - Bass (2,4,6,7)
Matt Powell - Bass (1,3,5,8)
Alex Molini - Guitars / Background Vocals

Recorded by Michael John Thomas III

Produced and Mixed by Alex Molini (Track 1 mixed by Greg Martin)

Mastered by Greg Martin

Album Art by Rob Ramirez


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